HKAECF is governed by its Board of Directors (BOD) and managed by the Executive Committee (EC) of the BOD. Responsible for managing HKAECF’s day-to-day events/activities, the EC is chaired by the President of HKAECF and comprises a number of members of the BOD including the key officers – the Honourary Secretary-General, the Honourary Legal Counsel, the Honourary Treasurer and the Honourary Secretariat Convenor, and their deputies. In addition to the EC, the BOD also has 8 committees – Audit Committee, Nomination Committee, Programs Committee, Policy Advocacy Committee, External Affairs Committee, Youth Affairs Committee, Investment Committee and Fund Raising Committee. The BOD is advised by the Advisory Council which comprises a number of Advisors who are business, academic or community leaders with significant ASEAN-related knowledge, experience, business or investment activities, and family or social connections. Day-to-day operations of HKAECF are carried out by the Secretariat which comprises mainly volunteers and employed staff directed by the EC and overseen by the Honourary Secretary-General assisted by the Honourary Secretariat Convener.

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